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CPU 315-2 PN/DP
넓은 성능 범위를 가진 등급별 CPU 범위는 컨트롤러 구성에 사용할 수 있습니다. 제품 범위는 7개 표준 CPU,7개 소형 CPU, 5개 고장 안전 CPU 및 3개 기술 CPU로 구성됩니다. CPU는 40 mm 너비로만 제공됩니다. SIMATIC S7-300은 완벽하게 통합된 자동화 내에서 가장 견고한 컨트롤러입니다.

The CPU 315-2 PN/DP is equipped with the following:
  • Microprocessor;
    the processor can handle execution times of approx. 50 ns per binary instruction and 450 ns per floating-point instruction.
  • 384 KB main memory (corresponds to approx. 128 K instructions);
    the extensive work memory for for program components relevant to execution offers sufficient space for user programs. SIMATIC Micro Memory Cards (8 MB max.) as load memory for the program also allow the project to be stored in the CPU (complete with symbols and comments) and can be used for data archiving and recipe management.
  • Flexible expansion;
    max. 32 modules (4-tier configuration).
  • Combined MPI/DP interface;
    the first integrated MPI/DP interface can establish up to 16 connections simultaneously to the S7-300/400 or connections to PGs, PCs and OPs. One of the connections is permanently reserved for programming devices and one for OPs.
    The MPI supports simple networking of up to 32 CPUs over "Global data communication".
    This interface can be reconfigured from MPI interface to DP interface.
    PROFIBUS DP interface:
    The DP interface can be used as a DP master or as a DP slave. PROFIBUS DP slaves can be operated isochronously on this interface. The PROFIBUS DP V1 standard is fully supported. This increases the scope of DP V1 standard slaves in terms of diagnostics and parameterization capability.
  • Ethernet interface;
    the second integral interface of the CPU 315-2 PN/DP is a PROFINET interface with a 2-port switch, based on Ethernet TCP/IP.
    It supports the following protocols:
    • S7 communication for data communication between SIMATIC controllers;
    • PG/OP communication for programming, startup and diagnostics through STEP 7;
    • PG/OP communication for interfacing to HMI and SCADA;
    • Open TCP/IP, UDP and ISO-on-TCP (RFC1006) communication over PROFINET;
    • SIMATIC NET OPC-Server for communication with other controllers and I/O devices with own CPU
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