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E523.01 B6-bridge fet driver with V-regulator and LIN/PWM-interface
모터 드라이브
3상 BLDC 모터 드라이버임. LIN 혹은 PWM으로 통신 가능함.

Gate driver for external B6-NMOS bridge
Very precise dead-time generation
Single supply voltage 7V to 28V (limited operating range 5V to 7V)
Sleep mode typ. < 20μA
μC Power supply 3.3V or 5V IMAX= 70mA
Optional Boost-transistor
3 or 6 channel PWM input mode for motor control
Adjustable window watchdog
μC smart reset generation
LIN FLASH Mode: High speed transfer
Motor current amplifier
Programmable overcurrent switch-off
Programmable VDS shortcut protection
Wake-up via LIN/PWM or HV input “S” (KL15)
Operating temperature range -40°C to +160°C
QFN44L7 / QSOP44 package
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