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E523.30 Stepper motor driver
모터 드라이브
AFLS(Adaptive Front-Lighting System) 및 Grill shutter 등의 조절용 스텝모터 드라이브임. 저온 및 고온에서 정상 동작하여 경쟁사 대비 장점임.

Drives 1 bipolar stepper motor
Sensorless “stall detection” for end position or blocking detection of bipolar stepper motors
I - Coil current up to 2 x 800mA
Programmable chopper current
5.5V - 30V supply voltage (load dump 42V)
Sleep mode current typically 30μA
68HC05 code compatible μC 256 Byte RAM, FLASH memory for customers end-of-line-programming
versions: 8k FLASH, 8k ROM
32 Byte EEPROM for customer parametrisation
3 x Hall sensor or potentiometer GPIO input for a range of standard Hall sensors
Alternatively driving of 1 to 3 DC motors
-40°C to +150°C peak junction temperature range
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