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Smart ultrasonic parking assist with LIN communication
센서 (USPA(UltraSoni
MCU alc LIN통신을 내장형 One Chip solution 초음파 주차보조 시스템 제품

Stand-alone Ultrasonic Park Assist Solution
Includes Driver for Ultrasonic Transducer
Programmable Transducer Power
Programmable Receiver Sensitivity
EEPROM Storage of Calibration Values
Digital Filtering and Signal Processing
Adjustable Burst Length and Filter Bandwidth
Low Noise Down to 0.5μVRMS
Internal Oscillator
LIN 2.1 Interface with Auto-Addressing
Short/Long Distance Range Modes
8bit CPU with 16MHz Clock
8KByte Customer FLASH or ROM
Integrated Elmos BootManager™
512Byte RAM
Fast Calibration Data Exchange via LIN
Operating temperature range -40°C to +85°C
QFN20L5 package
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